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Activity Sheets Packs

Activity Sheets Packs

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 RUMER at a TIME, my journey into Self-Awareness, RUMERTIME Steps to Decision-Making, SEC word searches, RUMERTIME Steps to Decision-Making, Tracking my Thinking, Investigating my Interactions, My tree of supportive interactions, Social Emotional Skills in my Daily life, House of Thoughts, Managing my Mindsets, Eco Dice Multimodal Assessment, Recognizing my Emotions, Personal Ecological System, Two-faced RUMI (pos/neg), You in your life, Tree Activity


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"As a scholar engaged in the practice of metaphor analysis to better comprehend the ways our language creates a window into our overarching conceptualizations of the world, I am particularly fascinated by Dr. Larrier’s strategic use of agricultural metaphor to represent the underlying assumptions and expectations for development, growth, and progress through the Cultivating SEEDS System™."

- Hope smith