We provide immersion experiences, coaching services, online courses, program development and evaluation to educate, equip, and empower advocates to transform their lives and create safer communities.

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2023 GCSCORED 10th Anniversary Edition Monthly Planner:: From Seeds to Fruit Trees-10 Years and Counting

GCSCORED is celebrating 10 years of Renewing Minds, Transforming Lives, and Creating Safer Communities across the globe. This 2023 10th Anniversary Edition Monthly Planner is one of the ways that GCSCORED has chosen to announce and celebrate its journey From Seeds to Fruit Trees-10 Years and Counting.

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RUMERTIME GUIDED ACTIVITY JOURNAL: Your Journey into Conscious Living

This Revised edition of the RUMERTIME GUIDED ACTIVITY JOURNAL has new and exciting activities and opportunities for reflection.

This RUMERTIME GUIDED ACTIVITY JOURNAL provides everyone, everywhere with the tools and techniques necessary to become their own life coach and conscious problem solver.

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RUMERTIME Activity Journal

RUMERTIME® is a five-step culturally responsive, social-emotional problem-solving strategy that supports individuals in their journey from a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal imbalance to a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal balance; and from unconscious living to conscious living.

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  • We increase access to healthy Mindsets, Activities, Relationships, Knowledge, Emotions, Resources, and Strategies.

  • We assist individuals in the effective use of social emotional competencies in their daily lives.

  • We engage, educate, equip, and empower children, tweens, teens, youth, and adults.

  • We create policies, programs, and practices that are intentionally aligned.